Saturday, January 23, 2010

She's back! Fox and The Cat

I've rambled a bit in the past on my neighbor's cat pitter-pattering up to my bird feeder and stalking birds. After her kill she loiters under my porch waiting to pounce again. And I know I am partially to blame for with no feeder there would be no unnatural gathering of easy feathery pickings for Mr. Killer Kitty. And I've mentioned that cat better watch out for fox prints often appear in the snow at night. Times they are a changing! My sleek red vixen now wanders my meadow in the daylight, taking her share of meadow voles -  pouncing into the snow to gulp the mouse like creature - and on occasion a fat rabbit falls prey.  Should Miss Fox meet Mr. Kitty only one is going home---- and you know which one.  (And the picture attached is from my motion and heat sensor trail camera) Stay tuned.


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