Monday, March 22, 2010

You are pathetic-- and a low life scum.

Spring is a time when the land is refreshed and wooded wetlands and roadside ditches are alive with the song of chorus and wood frogs. Each dawn brings new discovery. Sandhill cranes in corn stubble field. Hepatic blooming on sunny slopes.  Vultures soaring high.  Herons on tree-top nests. Chickadees in spring melodies.  Coyotes yapping to the night. Red-winged blackbirds claiming their cattail marshes. And at long last; longer days. Yesterday I hopped in my car to drive to Paint Creek Trail.  I drove slowly down  Granger Road in Brandon Township - very slowly to avoid being swallowed by car hungry mud - fully enjoying the views and melody of the wooded wetlands just a bit west of Baldwin Road. And that's when I saw it. A soggy  mattress roadside at the edge of the woods, freshly dumped by some low life lazy scum. Yes, I am being judgemental.  You bet I am.  But had I caught you in the act, let me tell you this. At the very least, I would have stayed on your tail as I called in your license plate to the Oakland County Sheriffs Department and I would be in court if you tried to wiggle your sorry hind end out of your slobbish behavior.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is sickening, the amount of littering that people do. There is no respect for the land, or other people. On another subject, have you been to Dodge Park on Cass Lake in Waterford lately? Rumor is that park management has some kind of deal with the county corrections, so that defendants who have community service sentences can work on the park. BUT, instead of truly working on the park, managers approved them clear-cutting dozens of trees. So now the deer have no where to hide. There are massive swaths of property that have been cleared in the park, so it really does NOT look natural anymore. It used to be a beautiful slice of nature, but it's a big parking lot now.

April 25, 2010 at 12:47 PM 

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