Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hiking the Detroit Zoo: A great winter adventure!

In justs over two weeks the Winter Solstice arrives. Contrary to a common misconception our Detroit Zoo  does not close for winter.  Winter brings a bustle of animal activity and it's great time to explore without the hectic days of summer crowds. These photos are meant to supplement the December 5th hiking column in the "A" section of the Oakland Press "Find Fur, Fang, Feathers and Adventure During A Winter Hike At The Zo"  that appears in the print edition and on-line at .  Information on the Detroit Zoo:  If you like to hike on hard surface trails and view a world of wildlife at the same time bundle up and head for the zoo!  A  few images captured in the last week of November folllow:
With crowds gone peacocks strut along the edge of zoo pathways.
Interpretive signs along the pathways add flavor and interest to now quiet natural pockets of land.
Winter months give time to reflect on our great glacial events and change in our flora and fauna
This polar bear kept raising his head and sniffing the air: I do not know what he discovered.
Who is the viewer and who is the viewed? That question came to mind as the pathway descended towards the underwater tube of the Artic Ring of Life.
With crowds gone birds eye's view of zoo life are easy to capture on camera.

This red-tailed hawk flew into the zoo grounds and kept a keen eye on a squirrel near the fence.

Hike the zoo annd will discover who made these prints!
Bundling up for the weatther is the way to go as winter approaches.
You cant miss the familiar zoo landmark near Woodward Avenue and 10 Mile Road.
The intereprive signs of the Arctic Ring of Life tell the story of the people the land and the wildlife of  the arctic region.
The polar passage tube gives an underwater view of harp seals and sometimes polar bears.
The tube allows for viewing and reflection by all ages; a place of quiet and warmth.
And of course there is the amur tiger, largest cat species in the world: Nice kitty.


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