Monday, October 10, 2011

A Great Leap of Faith! A tale of trails, frogs and a woman's eyes.

A trailside photo by Ulanawa Foote, October 2011
  Lake Erie Metropark

I discovered this photo today on the Twitter feed of nature photographer Ulanawa Foote. Afer reading her lighthearted words of wisdom and encouragement  blended with the frog image I knew it was time to share her creative capture of these sun-soaking frogs of October. What a great picture.
Wish I knew what the frogs were thinking!
For more of Ulanawa's creative eye and blog posts:

 Look for her native wisdom, prose and pictures on Twitter @Ulanawa   
You will find my nature and science Twitter tweets: @OaklandNature

To discover the wonders of Lake Erie Metropark, a wetland rich park just north of where the Huron River feeds into Lake Erie (in SE Michigan) go to
And if you follow my columns in the  Sunday edition's of The Oakland Press ( look for a special hiking column later this month on Lake Erie Metropark.
Better yet, find a trail, any trail and tie those hiking boots tight and take your own leap of faith into the world of nature. Trails are perfect in autumn to connect you with nature, be it in a far off exotic location or where a  local trail meets a city or town.
Hike on my friends!


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