Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tracks, Trails and Buhl Lake Wildlife Signs

Track of the Eastern Coyote
All photos by Jonathan Schechter at Addison Oaks County Park
February 19, 2012

These photos are a supplement the Addison Oaks County Park Buhl Lake Loop
 hiking column now on line and appearing in the February 26th edition of The Oakland Press.

Coyote scat on the paved trail is not from a sloppy coyote. It defines territory!

Raccoon tracks frozen into snow and ice!

High rise wildlife condo with a ground floor oak door.

Muskrat lodges in the shallows of Buhl Lake, a wildlife paradise

Non-native mute swans are naturalized in Michigan. A few over-wintered on Buhl Lake

Mallard ducks walk the very edge of thin ice

Red squirrels feasted on spruce cones!
Rowboats remain in hibernation, wildlife is more active!


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