Monday, January 20, 2014


All photos by Jonathan Schechter  Oakland County, Michigan
Squirrel Appreciation Day is here; like those little creatures or not.  January 21st is the day to look at America's favorite rodent as something other than pancake-flat road kill, a clever bird feeder-robber  or free entertainment for a frustrated window watching cat.  Take time today to appreciate their  adaptability and ability to not just survive but thrive in our midst.  This slightly nutty 'holiday' is saluted by the National Wildlife Federation and was founded in 2001 by  Christy Hargrove, a wildlife rehabilitator  in  North Carolina. Despite the fact that many nut crazed  hungry squirrels fail to look both ways before crossing a highway even squirrel haters should salute these creatures that bury nuts; helping to spread trees to areas where the nuts did not fall.  In Oakland County the squirrels seen in winter are the evergreen  tree loving red squirrels, the rusty orange colored fox squirrel (Above; obese fox squirrel after dumpster-diving for muffin remains)  and the gray squirrel, a squirrel of the great American hardwood forests that is sometimes jet black.   We are also home to the  northern flying squirrel;  a nocturnal creature that is more common than many realize!  Our local chipmunks are seldom seen in winter and our 13 lined ground squirrel are under ground snoozing until spring thaw. Today belongs to squirrels.  Treat them at the feeder today.

                                                                 Red squirrel 
                                                                A black gray squirrel

                                                       eastern chipmunk in seed bin


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