Monday, February 8, 2010

DNR plus E makes DNRE

The abbreviation  DNRE is going to take some getting used to, for as  of January 17 - in an event that made little news - the Michigan Department of Natural Resources merged with the  Department of Environmental Quaility making the often used abbreviation DNR obsolete.  Rebbeca Humphries has been appointed the director of the new  Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment. Gov. Granholm announced,  "The Deparment of Natural Resources and Environment ushers in a bold, fresh approach to the way Michigan manages and protects our state's treasured environmental and natural resources." Let us hope so, for with shrinking dollars and asian carp at our Great Lake's door steps that task alone is enormous and needed.. A "bold fresh approach" alone wont be enough. Effort and creativity and money will be needed.  And as a writer--I must remember that the E always follow the R when writing about the DNR and E.


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