Friday, March 26, 2010

The True Sign of Spring: Fluffy Chicks in Ortonville

Spring arrived six days ago. And  signs are everywhere; from the vultures that soar above Troy high rises and Springfield meadows to the crocuses that poke up in suburban lawns.  Herons are on nests, owls have young. Robins slurp worms. Willows are tinged with color.  Rural roads are quagmires of mud.  Colorfully atttired joggers strut and jiggle their skin tight high fashion stuff on the West Bloomfield Trail as bikers re-claim the Paint Creek Trail with peddle power. But there is no sign or sound of spring as definitive as the presence of  the hot and fluffy chicks in the Village of Ortonville. Hamilton's Feed is the downtown landmark. It's the home town store for rural supplies and for plesant chatter of news about town. The moment I walked in  and reached for a few peanuts in the customer bowl at the service desk and exhanged morning greetings I heard "them".  I snagged employee Logan Amori for a quick hands on tour of Rhode Island Reds and Aracauna chicks. They chirped and squirmed in hand and seemed to enjoy the attention as if to plead "Choose me! Choose me! Choose me!"  ( Bad plan if you are a broiler.) But word spreads fast in Brandon Township and Ortonville. And the word is "The chicks are in!" With that fact on the ground spring is fact even with frosty mornings. You can reach Hamiltons Feed at 248-627-3700 or


Anonymous Anonymous said...

YAY Spring! Gee, wonder where you got that blog idea from? ;-)

March 26, 2010 at 9:26 AM 

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