Thursday, May 6, 2010

Antlers + Jugular Veins = Darwin Award

The Darwin Awards "commemorate individuals who have improved our gene pool by removing themselves from it." To qualify the candidate must have exhibited an astounding lack of sound judgement yet have been capable of sound judgement.  Translation: Doing something really stupid. With the stage set for my photographed nominee I proceed. The scene is Bay City, Michigan. I was driving towards M-25 when I came up behind a slow moving car.  At a traffic signal I ended up bumper to bumper and reached for the camera when I realized what I was seeing on his rear window deck:  4 sets of deer antlers. Deer antlers are sharp. They have pointy ends. Human  necks are soft. They are vulnerable to pointy things. I can only dread the messy situation EMS and deputies would have should this gentleman be involved in a solid impact crash. But the questions remains: Why? Why would someone drive around town with four sets of antlers on the rear window deck.  Was he looking for a doe? Obviously they are there to be seen. But why? Perhaps some mysteries in life and the ways of nature and man and perhaps boasts of manhood are best left to our imaginations.  But I was tempted to pull up along side and ask him that question. I did not.


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