Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Burning Ban Greets Spring Wildfire Season!

If you are heading north for this warm and dry Easter weekend you need to know that the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment has issued a burning ban for all of the upper peninsula  and a good sized chunk of northern lower Michigan. Paul Kollmeyer, DNRE fire specialist explains, "Normally, wildfire season starts in the southern part of Michigan and works its way north.  This year, we have had wildlfires occur in all regions of the state."   He added, "This is an unusal spring for us because we lack snow in parts of the state that usually are blanketed in snow in April." This bulliten is more than just an advisory for you not to burn leaves or other debris. It's the law and a fire you start escapes your control you will also be held liable for the cost of putting out the fire.  Burn permit information: www.michigan.gov/burnpemit.   NOTE: Oakland County is NOT covered by the State burn permit process and most areas of Oakland County - with the exception of some of the more rural townships -  never permit burning. Check with your local fire department for permit information in Oakland.  Bottom line: Spring wildfire season has arrived! Be safe and think composting.  Don't cook the Easter bunny.


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