Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Nature of Addison Oaks


Addison Oaks County Park is a not so hidden jewel, a glacially created wonderland of nature's way, yet rich with human created ammenities that include cozy cabins for rent (I'm going to have to rent one!), boats to paddle, fish to catch and trails to explore. These pictures help share the tale of a park with 174 campsites, great trails for hikers, bikers and horsemen and surprisingly abundent wildlife if you explore just after dawn or a bit before dusk. But no matter what time of the day you put your boots to the ground you will find wildlife.  I took pleasure in observing  the goofy gluttony of a  rotund muskrat as he packed in the greens and a pair of nearby Canada geese that kept a watchful eye on their brood as they paddled a few yards from shore.  Late May is a perfect time to take in some of the woodland wildflowers (no picking!) including wild geranium, a delicate bloomer with pinkish purple blooms.   For more information on Addison - and the rest of the 13 parks managed by Oakland County Parks explore our county park's website at  And keep in mind that it's our Oakland County park millage that keeps these wildlands and parklands open and safe for our enjoyment. Parks and trails are not just good for the wildlife and environmental stewardship:they are good for you too.  Don't forget to mark your calander now to vote on August 3rd to renew the 10 year millage that keeps the 6,700 acres of  our13 Oakland County Parks and their 68 miles of trails and facilities in operation and great shape. It's the right thing to do for you and your children. No more land is being made in the land factory.


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