Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lawmen on Peddle Patrol: And now the rest of the trail story.

Planet Earth was once a seething mass of radioactive elements under constant bombardment by an endless stream of cosmic debris. Four and one half billion years slipped by and then one day peddle pumping officers from ShelbyTownship appeared on the scene and began to patrol the Macomb Orchard Trail. The first sentence is correct: It was Planet Earth under cosmic attack way back then! The second sentence - as it first appeared in my hiking column last Sunday (Go ahead: Pedal Across the Border) in the Oakland Press - minus my reference to the cosmic time frame- had an error of misidentification:  I captioned the photo as "Shelby Township Police." My goof. I did take that photo while peddling in Shelby Township close to where the 24 mile long Macomb Orchard Trail connects with Oakland County's Clinton River Trail and assumed they were Shelby Police ( a reminder to this writer to never assume). I soon discovered that the column is read out of county and that the peddle pumpers in the photo are Macomb County Sherrif's Department Deputy Reserves, an all volunteer unit. I made contact with the cycling trail patrol after my story made print and as Deputy Ray Cavaliere (the lead officer in the photo) explained to me, "We enjoy the heck out of patrolling the trail." And from the smiles and waves that they all gave me when we passed on the trail - having no idea I was writing a story - I know that to be true. Also pictured in the photo is Deputy Tom Kimbro. And I did say trio! That is not an error. Just as I clicked the camera as I peddled towards the bike patrol, the third deputy, Bill Kole slipped behind Kimbro leaving only a smigen of his tire visable. (Sorry Bill) Kudos to that Malcomb County Sherrifs Deputy Reserves trio for a job well done and their earthy efforts of giving to the community and a trail they love.


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