Saturday, November 6, 2010

Images of Kensington

A pair of sandhill cranes feeds along the main park road, just north of the nature center.
Images of Kensington Metropark  change dramatically in the blustery days of November. The last of the loitering sandhill cranes -like this pair hunting bugs and seeds just north of the nature center - take wing and head south.. The trails are less crowded with humans and offer great hiking adventures. Consider these photos an accompaniment  to the Wildwing Trail hiking column in the Sunday Oakland Press of November 7th. (To find  that column on line go to and type 'Wildwing Lake' in the search  box ) But instead of just looking at pictures, tie those hiking boots tight and explore this ever popular Metropark in the month of great transition and first snows. 

Chickadees: To feed or not to feed? The answer is not to be found on this informational sign.
The well marked nature trails all start near the nature center. Follow the signs and enjoy!
Carpets of leaves flavor the season. Walk with care when the bridges are wet.
I incorrectly stated  in my Wildwing Trail column that a few great blue herons were on the edge of the island rookery. I was  wrong! A closer look  at my photo shows the island was sheltering a small gathering of sandhill cranes - a flock feeding before flight to the south.

The 800 foot board walk is a place of solitude and quiet in the days of November.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahhh . . .Fall . . .the changing seasons, while nice, can make one a bit sad

November 8, 2010 at 7:05 PM 

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