Saturday, December 11, 2010

Stony Creek: On the dawn before winter

The images below are an addendum to the published hiking column on the "Blue Trail" of Stony Creek Metropark that appears in the Sunday December 13 Oakland Press. That  column can be found at  Type my name (Jonathan Schechter) into search box and all  previous published hiking columns also appear.

Dress for the weather with good foot gear and you are good to go!

This sign is a warning to cross county skiers and mountain bikers of a steep twisting descent.

Some trees are padded along the trail. Most are not.

These are multi use trails shared by hikers, mountain bikers and cross country skiers. No horses or snowmachines!

A powerful storm swept through the park in August of 2010 snapping many oaks.

Pay attention to trailhead maps---have a plan! And if you bring a dog leashed is the law.

Most trail juntions have indicators showing your location and a small map.
Keep an eye on the summer storm "damage"( nature does not use the word damage), good places to see woodpeckers and chickadees.
The creek still flows and is about to be edged with snow.


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