Thursday, March 3, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Spring is here: The truth is in Ortonville!

The outside deck of Ortonville's  landmark A&W overlooks Duck Creek.
Ortonville's A&W on M-15
It's just south of  tiny Duck Creek and Ground Zero for the dawning of spring.

Forget the red-winged blackbirds calling from icy marshes. Ignore the robins.  And the
dripping of maple sap is not the definitive sign of the new season. Nor is the return of the
turkey vultures. And don't listen for the gobble of wild turkeys to signal spring.  Torndao sirens
will wail this weekend in tests for  severe spring weather, but that 3 minute blast does not announce
spring. Walk the streets of Birmigham and you will smile at the heartless mannequins in store front
windows with their sensual smiles: They are dressed for a fashionable spring, but they  too, just like the flabby  groundhogs with their toothy grins are false prophets. But I found the truth at noon today in my small town of  Ortonville.  The A &W has reopened! So listen one and all and celebrate.
Spring is here! The moment the first customer walked up to the window, or car customers ordered
from under the canopy, spring arrived.  The new season is here, but watch out for the freezing rains~!


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