Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Avon Nature Area: a river runs throught it.

Consider this a short photo supplement for the hiking column that appeared in the May 22 Sunday  edition readers of The Oakland Press. The colum highlighted the Avon Nature Area in the City of Rochester Hills.  A good hike,  but trails can be soggy after rains and are not clearly marked in some locations. Fun? You bet! And it's about time to practice mosquito awarness.
Rains have added to the growth of the Jack-in-the pulpit, a wildflower of shady woods.
photo by Jonathan Schechter

The bench on the Riverside Trail has very few days left.  photo by Jonathan Schechter
The Clinton River is hungry in spring and gnaws at her banks. photo by Jonathan Schechter

An old overlook on the trail along the ridge line affords a good view of the ravine below.
photo by Jonathan Schechter


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