Sunday, August 14, 2011

A gray treefrog, a wren box and a world of mosquitoes!

Gray treefrog in house wren box
All photos by Jonathan Schechter

Sunday, August 14th 1 pm.  Great flocks of  newly emerged micro mosquitoes are on their blood
 hunt making it nearly impossible to stand still on my rain-soaked hillside.
But I am not one to stay indoors and so I went for a quick walk to my woods and then to my mini
 arbor to harvest a few tomatoes dangling from their aerial pot in back of the vacated house wren box.

And that is when I saw a hint of motion.
  Back inside for the camera!

The weathered old empty wren box has a new resident, one without feathers. A content gray
treefrog, with his (or perhaps her) coloration adjusted to the shade of the wood leaned partially out
of his new window on the world, watching my arm swinging antics and perhaps slurping down
 a skeeter or two on this humid Sunday afternoon of cozy comfort for amphibians, and misery for humans that sit still outside. 
But it's a great day for the treefrogs, and for humans that love
 wilder moments of nature and the tiny interactions all around us.


Blogger Ulanawa said...

I love this!! The pictures are absolutely adorable! Made me smile!

August 14, 2011 at 1:43 PM 

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