Saturday, September 3, 2011

Green frogs of The Grand Traverse Resort: Nature finds a way!

all photos by Jonathan Schechter
There is a secret world almost within the night shadows of Grand Traverse Resort

Sunset from the window of the Aerie Resuratant and Lounge

The Grand Travese Resort has an intoxicating array of amenities in their spa,
 superb facilities and excellent customer service.
 The cusine in its 16th floor Aerie Resturant is second to none and diners
have a world class view of East Grand Traverse Bay, a left over treat from the last great glacial
 retreat. Bottom line: The 900 acres of this resort provides excellent habitat for humans.
 Those facts are well established and bring thousands of guests every season.

What is less known is the protected wetlands and areas left unmowed by design provide
 excellent habitat for wildlife species, great and small.
Green frogs on sultry late summer nights find their cusine and dining comforts are
 also second to none if they hop over to the sidewalk.
  In late August I found myself walking on the resort sidewalk soaked by a passing
 thunderstorm that swept in off  Lake Michigan just before sunset. 
 I quickly discovered I was not alone. 
Green frogs emerged from the shadows and settled done on the warm concrete  to wait under
the lights -- and then leap for treats. 
Their entrees?  Small earthworms wiggling over the walk and bugs that flew too low.
And the frog spa? Sun warmed sidewalks and moist night breezes.
Nature always finds a way.

photos by Jonathan Schechter


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