Monday, February 27, 2012

Wildlife Tracks: A gift of fresh snow

all photos by Jonathan Schechter
February 26, 2012
Brandon Township, Michigan

I am quite certain that the deer, turkey, fox, skunks, coyotes and a host of
other creatures that let me share their land know my ways far better than I know
theirs. That is the way it should be. My 11 acres are their habitat and their very presence
 increase the value of my land  and the quality of my life in immeasurable ways.  After each
snowfall I take great pleasure in wandering the woods to see who went where and when. Tracks
 tell the tale. And sometimes when I am patient I am gifted with sightings as in the case of the
 doe (above) that passed close in front of me as I chatted to her,
"Hey girl. It's just me."

A pair of turkeys trotting to their swamp

Red squirrels leave impacts in soft snow when they jump from a tree trunk.

A large buck shelters in the swamp of the turkeys

Tiny tracks and tail drag marks of a white-footed mouse on the run!

Skunks wander at night looking for love in the swamp of the deer and turkey.

The larger side by side hind feet point  direction of travel of the rabbit.

Deep imprints of a large coyote parallel the tunnel of a meadow vole.
 Who came first? The coyote, for if not I suspect there would have been leap and jump
marks where my apex predator, the coyote crunched down on a warm and furry dinner. 


Blogger elli said...

the little things count .. never thought about the rabbit that's turning to the left in photo, will look closer now .. Thx

February 29, 2012 at 12:45 AM 

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