Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Photo by Jonathan Schechter
" Exciting news today about the rabbit that hangs out near the foundation of my house. She just hopped off her nest to munch on my apple offerings and exposed the fact she is about to be a mom. 
She laid two eggs! They should be hatching soon"

I posted the photo of the rabbit with her "eggs" and the caption above to my Facebook site on April Fool's Day morning.  Three days later I had over 40 comments and close to 60 'likes' and numerous 'shares' of the photo.  
I am not a terribly tech-savvy person but have discovered Facebook is a good way to promote my newspaper column, this blog and sometimes political or wildlife related causes that I am passionate about.  But nothing I have posted in the past 4 years has drawn as much attention as the photo above.  I'm not sure what to make of that. I did have fun putting two chicken eggs in that small pile of straw near where the wild rabbit  sometimes suns on the south side of my house. And the apples drew her in for the photo. And then on April Fools morning I thought, Why not?

What surprises  me is that  a half dozen people wrote me directly asking if rabbits really lay eggs and others made some posts saying they checked they googled or asked others to see if rabbits really lay eggs before they finally figured out it was a joke.
Perhaps it's time that we all pay a bit more attention to science education.

  (I'll be back with some other wildlife fantasy next April Fool's Day)


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