Saturday, April 14, 2012

Water loving birds at an urban park!

Pair of tree swallows perched on a old stump next to the marsh.
all photos by Jonathan Schechter
Robert H. Long Nature Park
April  4th 2012

This blog is a photo supplement to my hiking column that appears in the April 15th edition of The Oakland Press. That tale explores the trail and wildlife of a small wetland rich urban nature park in Commerce Township, Michigan  on the west side of bustling M5 and equally busy 14 Mile Road.
Nature always struggles to find a way and for many species of birds that need water as part of their habitat this park has become their oasis.

Canada geese behind the thistles.

Great blue heron still hunts in the shallows

How does a mute swan cross a trail? Just waddles across. 

A pair of mallards basks in sunlight creating a perfect reflection.

A perfect line up of goose, swan and heron!

When I knelt by the water this goose swam in the edge and told me to leave.
And I did.


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