Thursday, October 4, 2012

The eye of the buck!

Photos of buck and doe at Pontiac Lake State Recreation Area
by Jonathan Schechter
September 27, 2012

I  had barely entered a secluded meadow somewhere in the Pontiac Lake State Recreation Area
 (after I misplaced the trail and became a bit bewildered ) when I noticed a buck staring at me.
Just staring. 
 And this comment of mine shows we humans think it is all about us. 
I sensed something behind me and slowly turned and quickly realized that although the buck was aware
 and wary of me, the objection of his attention, (perhaps '"hormonal desire" is a better phrase) was not me. 
A doe was barely 100 feet behind me working her way along  a fence line. 
 I sat still for a few minutes and to my surprise when the buck bolted, the doe went his direction.
As always it is the woman that makes the choice!



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