Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Nature's tasty 4th of July treats!

photo by Jonathan Schechter  July 3rd, 2013

Mother Nature created super environmental conditions this summer for the growth of two 
of my  favorite wild edibles; the black raspberry and the common daylily. 

 Both are approaching  their peak of consumption seduction  this 4th of July holiday in
 northern Oakland  County. And in my fields and at the edge of the woods the lilies and raspberries
 are  intertwined making for easy harvest. The black raspberries are perfect as finger-staining raw 
sweet treats and the daylily  petals can be  eaten raw in the morning when crisp and fresh and laced 
with dew. Their closed flower pods can be  fried and added to soups or meat dishes. And for people
 like  me  that do not mind getting fingers dirty the  tubers underground  are crisp and tasty.

Happy Holiday! 
And thank you Mother Nature for your  bumper crops of goodies. 


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