Friday, May 21, 2010


The 8,000 acre wildfire still smolders not far from Roscommon. (See previous blog  post for fire photos and details)  Here is what you need to know if you are heading north this weekend:  The Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment has announced that M-18 and the area east of M-18 will reopen today, Friday at 1 pm. Motorists are urged to drive with lights on and do not stop in blackened areas.  Hazards exist from pockets of heat and smoke, burned and smoldering snags and heavy equipment.

EAST OF M-18:    The previous evacuated area east of M-18 is now reopened to PROPERTY OWNERS ONLY for an opportunity to asses their property and secure their belongs.   Blockades will continue at M-18 and Old 144. Landowners MUST show ID with proof of residence or a tax bill showing they own property.  Citizens who stayed in the area are asked to stay on their own property and leave their outside lights on so firefighters and law enforcement officers are aware they are remaining in the area.

WEST OF M-18:  The evacuated area west of M-18 remains closed until  DNRE can ensure firelines hold throught an expected wind event this afternoon. Residents will be allowed access into the blockaded area with identification and an escort from 6 pm until 9 pm to secure property and will be asked to leave for the evening.


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