Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Of Earthquakes and Cows

On this third day of summer fireflies flickered before dawn and again at dusk as distant bolts of lightning slashed  a gray-black sky, black raspberries stained my tounge and lips, day lilies splashed rural roadsides in blazes of orange, bluebirds hunted bugs at the edge of the meadow, confident cocky goslings marched ahead of the gander, deep booming bullfrogs sounded early, thunderheads exploded with downbursts of wind, tree leaves  flipped to their silver sides, red-winged blackbirds flashed their colors in the cattail marsh, bass ignored my jitterbug lure antics, deer flies chased joggers on woodland trails, turkey vultures scavenged a  pancaked possum, hummingbirds hovered at the suction cup window feeder, painted turtles sunned on a nearly sunken pond log, robins splashed in the birdbath, cows at Ortonville's Cooks Farm Dairy waited with pleading looks for toddlers so they could steal licks from poorly guarded ice cream cones and tectonic plates in our restless Earth shifted near Ottawa, Ontario sending a 5.5 earthquake rumbling through Oakland County. And that is the way of nature, full of the predictable - and full of surprise over which we have no control.


Anonymous Tom said...

Good stuff! I love natural events that show us puny humans that we really have no control over anything. I was amused at the different reactions in our house when we felt the earthquake. My daughter was afraid. My wife, sitting in a chair in front of me, thought I was messing around by pushing the back of her chair. My retriever got up off the floor and started barking. I looked out the window to see if a heavy truck on our busy street was causing the vibration I was feeling on the couch, then sat back down amused to think that I was experiencing my first earthquake (and living to tell about it!) I had taken a late lunch that day. Back at the office, no one felt the tremor. I would have missed it.

June 27, 2010 at 9:01 AM 

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