Thursday, June 10, 2010

Old Memories and Fishing Free: Saturday, June 12 & Sunday, June 13

I fished for the first time the summer after my dad died. I was seven years old. My mom outfitted me with tackle: A crooked stick, a string and a safety pin.  That was back in rural Connecticut. Best as I can recall I caught nothing. But from the smile on my face in that old black and white photo I had fun. More than a few years have passed.  Every now and then I paddle my kayak out into a small nearby pond shortly after sunrise or a bit before dark just before the mosquitos go into full assault mode and cast my favorite jitterbug lure to entice bass to explode from the lily pads. Sometimes they do. I toss them back. But I always have fun. And unlike back in Connecticut I  have a current fishing license on my person. That's the law. If you want to try fishing and don't have a license, well, this is your weekend to wet a line. The Michigan Deparment of Natural Resources and Environment has designated Saturday, June 12 and Sunday, June 13 as Free Fishing Weekend: all fishing fees are waived for the two days This applies to adults and kids, residents and non-residents on the waters of Michigan.  Keep in mind that all fishing regulations still apply and telling a Conservation Officer you did not know the rules just does not cut it. Details:   Take your kid fishing or take yourself. You just might have fun.  Check with your local parks with water resources. Some  have special fishing events to commerate the event. Every now and then when I see a child fishing with a parent I think back to my crooked stick, string and safety pin. And I smile to myself.


Blogger Laurie Rimon said...

I remember you bringing back a dead stinking fish from the reservoir in Rochester and telling Mom you caught it!

June 13, 2010 at 12:36 AM 

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