Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bald Eagle Update: Optimism Soars!

The bald eage continues to mend from gunshot wound and flaps his wings. 
Photo credit: DNR

The eagle is prepared for another X-Ray at the Canton Center Animal Hospital.  
Photo credit: DNR

BACKGROUND: Last Valentines Day an American bald eagle was shot in Gaines Township
 (Genesee County )and located and recovered  by DNR wildlife biologist Julie Oakes and other
 DNR personal with assistance of licensed falconers and the Detroit Zoo.  The eagle is believed to 
 the same adult bald eagle that had often been seen in northwestern Oakland County.  News stories
 solicited tips on the Report All Poaching Hot Line of the Michigan DNR.  Several weeks
later - based on your good tips- Conservation Offficer Mark Papineau had sufficent information to
 move ahead in his detailed investigation.  A warrent was issued for the arrest of 65 year old
James A. Nelson of Gaines Township. (Information on the shooting and arrest can be found on
previous Earth Almanac Blogs)

THE GOOD NEWS:  Yesterday I was contacted by wildlife biologist Oakes and informed
of  excellent news.  New X-rays show that his fracture site is healing well and the eagle is being
transferred to a flight cage to gain strength.  The next few weeks should tell the outcome of this eagle.
 It is hoped that one day this spring the eagle will soar  free in our sky as high as the guarded
optimism  of Dr. Andrew Granowski and his team at the Canton Center Animal Hospital and the
dedicated biologists and  conservation officers of our Michigan Department of Natural Resources. 

Kudos for a job well done!


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