Monday, March 28, 2011


photo by Jonathan Schechter
photo by Jonathan Schechter
photo by Jonathan Schechter

Snows melting, spring winds are blowing and the fields and cattail marshes are dry. And that means it
just  takes a spark, a tossed cigarette, an unsafe burning of brush, a downed power line or an act
 of nature in the form of a lightning bolt to kick off our spring wildfire season.  Few things are certain
 in the uncertain world of nature - excluding fire.  The time for situational awareness and caution is now.
If your city or township does not allow burning: Do not burn! If they do, be sure you have a burning
 permit and follow the rules. One rule is omitted from most regulations: Common sense. Use it.
The Oakland County wildfire season is at the doorstep.


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