Monday, May 7, 2012

RAINY DAY RUCKUS: Crows & the Hawk

photos by Jonathan Schechter  5/7/2012

Light rain was falling. I could hear the ruckus of crows from inside my house. When crows speak loudly  they have a message. And the message is usually an alarm call to warn their brethren that a threat is about.  In Brandon Township that threat can be a human; but they never alarm for me.
They know me. 
But most of the time the loud ruckus means they have detected a hawk, an owl, a cat or fox. 
And I believe their warning is as much a case of crow harassment, perhaps for the excitement of their venture and the social gathering as it is a true warning of danger. 
 I grabbed my camera and slipped and slid my way across my rain-soaked meadow.
One look through the zoom lens of the camera exposed the secret. My friend, the red-tailed hawk had been detected. Look closely at the top picture. The shape in the right hand corner is the hawk.
And the photo below from a slightly different angle shows the soggy red-tail in the same tree.
The dance of nature is endless and beautiful and the hawk and the crows know the rules.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You notice and can interpret so much! It is amazing.

May 7, 2012 at 9:43 PM 

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