Friday, February 8, 2013

Open house at the bird feeder: blue wings & red bellies

all photos by Jonathan Schechter  Feb 8, 2013 


With winds howling and tree branches swaying the suet feeder just yards from my window
 spawned a flurry of activity. Although ALL birds and squirrels are welcomed at my 
feeder, I was delighted to have a red-bellied woodpecker and a half dozen eastern 
bluebirds join the feathered feeding frenzy this morning. 

And they best be wary, for by bringing birds to one point in an unnatural gathering 
another bird,  the Cooper's hawk may drop by for lunch: Nature's way - altered by man.

"My turn next?" perhaps that is the thought of this bluebird

Smart bluebird: Hunkered down among the thorns beneath the feeder


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