Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Woodpile Dilemma

I have 11 acres of land. I bought this firewood
photo by Jonathan Schechter

I have ll acres of land.
What is on 'my' land?
 Live trees. Dead trees. Fields. Meadows.
Swamps. Wildlife. 
And me.

And I had a dilemma. 
 Five large ash, black cherry and oak trees are dead.
They would be perfect firewood for my wood burner. 
A few weeks ago I wandered to make my choice on which to cut first.
One held multiple red squirrel nests.
Another was habitat for flying squirrels!
(The uniquely chewed nuts stored near the base confirmed that fact.)
Another just had a majestic look and towered over the edge of the swamp.
I think that is the tree a barred owl perches  on when he sings to the night.
And tree number five, an ash tree, is a cafeteria for woodpeckers.

And that is when I recognized again that this land is not "mine".
I share it with creatures great and small.

I had no choice.  I called a local company that sells wood cut after storms,
 cut to make way for construction, and cut at the request of others.
I purchased two cords.
That wood I can burn in peace.
But I will wonder what the story is behind that woodpile
when I sit in my den and read or write and feel the warmth.


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