Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hornet Nests & Myths On The Dawn of Winter

Bald-faced hornets nest.
photographed December 18, 2012

This nest is about 25 feet above the ground. 
The Winter Solstice is in just a few days.
There is no  measurable snow on the ground.

What do those three facts have to do with the photograph?

Every year in my wanderings as a naturalist and writer I hear fables about nature. 
One that persists is that hornets and squirrels build their nests high up in trees, above the
level of the  snowfall to come.  I am polite and just smile when I hear this. 
 But since last winter was nearly snowless in Oakland County  (Michigan) and I want snow
 and this now abandoned hornet's nest (I photographed yesterday) is 25 feet above the ground and I
 saw  gray  squirrel nests even higher all I can say now is "Bring it on!"
Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow.


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