Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Red-tailed hawk lunches in Royal Oak!

photo by Jerry Kunnath , Royal Oak, Michigan  March 5, 2013

Almost everyone that lives in Oakland County is familiar with the great variety of
 restaurants in  Royal Oak. On summer evening crowds pack the outside dining 
areas of Main Street.

Want variety in you menu?
Head to Royal Oak.
Want to eat a raw gray squirrel?
Head to Royal Oak!

The many urban trees of Royal Oak  have created  perfect nesting and breeding ground 
for gray squirrels, the squirrels that once dominated unbroken forests that stretched as far
 as the eye could see.
Over the years some gray squirrel populations have transformed  into an urban savvy species.  
But sometimes they become fat and careless. 

My fellow Michigan Outdoor Writers Association friend Jerry Kunnath noticed a crowd 
gathering on  the  edge of a Royal Oak street yesterday afternoon.  Jerry jumped from his 
car thinking there was some sort of confrontation between a young man and three young girls.  
And then he saw they were watching a hawk vs. squirrel drama unfold. 
He captured this image of the red-tailed hawk making  off with a super-sized dinner!
(And Jerry let the small crowd know it was not an eagle as some  had thought.)
Thanks for sharing the tale and photo Jerry!



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