Monday, September 16, 2013

Cicadas and cicada killer wasps signal summer's end.

(An amazingly risky place for emergence from the exoskeleton)

With frost on the horizon and the harvest moon looming it's time for a final salute of  goodbye
 to our cicadas, the most amazing and without doubt loudest insects of a summer waning. 
 Love them or hate them their impending silence signals a seasonal transition.

A giant exoskeleton is an exciting trophy for a young child!

Happy cicada exoskeleton hunters!

Many newly emerged cicadas live for just moments.  Some are consumed by squirrels attracted by their chain saw like buzzing while others fall prey to another insect, the predatory eastern cicada killer wasp, a creature of nightmares if cicadas dream.  This two inch long wasp paralyzes a cicada with a single sting but the worst is yet to come.  The wasp half drags and half flies homes clutching its prey, a creature often heavier than than itself by dragging it up trees and then flying from the tree towards the burrow with the prey.  Back at the burrow the paralyzed cicada is buried  in an underground chamber and the cicada killer punctures the body and lays her eggs. A few days  later the wasp grubs emerge and proceed to eat their dinner alive. 

So is the end of some cicadas in the final days of summer.


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