Monday, October 22, 2012

FLYING COWS: A sign of late autumn!

photos by Jonathan Schechter
Independence Township, Michigan  October 21, 2012

Flying cows are on the move! And the closely cropped lawns of condominiums across lower Michigan
 lure them in to rest and graze and gather in great herds.  You may call these creatures Canada geese
 and the  "herds" flocks; but for many residents of Oakland County, Michigan these grazing creatures
 are  despised for their  gatherings  and propensity to poop. 

Don't want Canada geese around?

Then do not cut your lawns so short. 
(Or pray for more coyotes!)
We self-centered humans have created a mecca for geese in suburbia and the geese have responded.
But the gatherings of geese and their all day grazing reminds me that in a few more weeks they will
take wing  and fly south in great formations honking as the depart our land of lakes and lawns.



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