Thursday, October 24, 2013

65 miles of trails: Hike your Oakland County Parks!

photos by Jonathan Schechter  

The first snow flurries have laced the northern reaches of Oakland County. Nature's late October artistry is at her finest.  The woods are alive with the refreshing scents, sounds and sensational smells of autumn.  Go hike!  You need not be a mountaineer, or rush off to a pricey outfitter for high tech equipment and survival gear to enjoy the trails.  Just visit one of our Oakland County Parks and you will find an incredible mix of trails waiting for your feet.  Many of the most popular trails are located at Addison (Addison has equestrian friendly trails) and Independence Oaks County Parks.   There are trails that are paved and flat and perfect for slow paced strolls and there are glacial sculpted trails that are hilly and rough and great for muscle and lung conditioning jaunts into the wilder side of Oakland County. Or head to Rose Oaks for an even more primitive experience. Want to know more?  Explore  for details on all 13 Oakland County Parks and links for park locations, trails, regulations and special events. 

Head for the hills and find your trail!

Crooked Lake at Independence Oaks County Park


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