Friday, November 9, 2012

Chickadees of Kensington on the human hand.

"Which seed first?" thinks the chickadee of late October
photo  by Jonathan Schechter

Chickadees are inquisitive, opportunist  birds and curious by nature. I do not hesitate in stating
they are intelligent  creatures.
And because we humans look at them as cute four factors fall in line to allow  hand-feeding.

Quick to learn

The chickadees of Kensington Metropark in SE Michigan have done an excellent job in training humans
 to provide seeds and nuts and reward them with tiny feet landing on warm palms.
And what better way for the chickadees to draw  the love and  admiration of humans leading to a
symbiotic relationship between humans and birds that stirs the wonder and curiosity of a child.

Waiting for chickadees at Kensington. Summer, 2012
photo by Jonathan Schechter

Laurie Schechter-Rimon with a chickadee at Kensington in October

Young park visitor Paris meets her first chickadee.
Summer 2012  photo by Amanda Nimke



Blogger Marie said...

My little birder was most excited about your article in Sunday's paper. We are venturing out there tomorrow to see if we can entice some chickadees with our sunflower seeds.

November 13, 2012 at 8:08 PM 

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