Thursday, November 15, 2012

Coyote Killing Contest in New Mexico stopped on 13 million acres!

A wild eastern coyote I photographed this summer in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan
photo by Jonathan Schechter

Kudos to New Mexico State Land Commissioner Ray Powell for having the courage to stand up,
take action and stopping a barbaric COYOTE KILLING CONTEST. 
 He took legal action that in brief means anyone on State Trust Lands taking part  in the killing contest
 will be prosecuted. And as the press release below from the Mountain Mail newspaper in New Mexico 
shows he explained compassionately and in scientific terms why such indiscriminate killing en mass for
sport  and prizes will not be  allowed on 13  million acres of New Mexico Lands.

Powell Bans Commercial Coyote Killing Contest Participants from State Trust Lands
in New Mexico                                      
New Mexico State Land Commissioner Ray Powell announced today that the participants
 in the commercial Coyote Killing Contest, being run by the Gunhawk Firearms store in
Los Lunas, are not authorized to access New Mexico State Trust Land. In a letter sent today
 to the owner of Gunhawk Firearms, the Commissioner informed the sponsor of the event
that State Trust Lands  may not be used for this purpose. The contest is scheduled for this weekend, November 17th and 18th.

“The participants in this commercial and unregulated exploitation of wildlife do not have a
permit or lease to be on State Trust Lands,” said State Land Commissioner Ray Powell.
“Individuals killing coyotes on State Trust Land will be considered in trespass.”
“When our native predators or wild domestic dogs kill our agricultural and companion
 animals, the specific offending animal needs to be removed in a prompt and humane way.
The non-specific, indiscriminant killing methods, used in this commercial and unrestricted
 coyote killing contest are not about hunting or sound land management. These contests
are about personal profit, animal cruelty, and the severe disruption of the delicate balance
 of this desert ecosystem,” said Powell. “These lands support our public schools,
universities, and hospitals, New Mexico’s important agricultural industry, our
unique wildlife populations, and the cherished natural world we call home – New Mexico.
 It is time to outlaw this highly destructive activity.”
The State Land Office administers 13 million acres of trust land in New Mexico.


Anonymous CJHSA said...

They're vermin. Shoot them all.

This "Commissioner" is a tool of HSUS and needs to be terminated from his position. Except that New Mexico is a land of hippy idiots and would never do the right thing.

November 26, 2012 at 1:53 PM 
Blogger Jonathan Schechter said...

Sounds like you (CJHSA) are THE tool of Ted Nugent. Coyotes have lived in the west forever and are only considerd vermin by those that want to hunt them, or shoot them for target practice. Past extermination attempts have failed, And FYI--I do not oppose hunting. This was shooting as a blood game for prizes--that ain't hunting my friend! Guess New Mexico is off your visit list. Count me as a happy idiot that owns guns Comments like yours hurt TRUE sportsmans and hunting--food for thought!

November 26, 2012 at 2:03 PM 

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