Monday, November 19, 2012

Monster T-Bone! A successful hunt.

My hunt for fresh meat led me to a beautiful T-bone Steak, secured to jeep rack for drive home.
And being law-abiding I affixed a DNR hunting tag to my trophy.
photos by Jonathan Schechter

It was a beautifully crisp, sunny day, the third day of deer season.  Frost on the ground made for easy
tracking. My earlier observations led me to a location where I could find my game:  Monster T-bones 
 fattened on field corn! Five minutes after quietly entering their lair I had my trophy, a fresh T-bone.  
  I could have wrapped it in freezer wrap and put it inside my jeep, or transported it in a more discrete
fashion that would protect the meat and maintain quality but with pride swelling in my chest I decided
 to  display the  meat on the roof of my jeep and drive about town for others to admire my prowess.
 And so I did.
Am I opposed to all hunting?  I am not.
Am I a vegetarian. Nope!
Heck, I even write every month for Woods N Water News, a monthly hunting and fishing
magazine.But when hunter friends tell me the hunt is "all about the meat", I grimace a bit and say little;
for if that was true they would not need to boast about display their buck trophy any more than I would
 need  to boast  of and display my Monster T-bone.

Close up of my monster T-bone  on jeep roof rack with DNR tag


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